milano international footwear exhibition micam

Twice a year, thousands of qualified professionals from the footwear industry from all over the world gather in Milan for the MICAM 2020 shoe exhibition, providing guests and industry professionals the opportunity to familiarize themselves with upcoming season collections. The exhibition takes place twice a year (in February and September) and is one of the most important events in the European footwear industry. Modern, high-quality footwear is presented here, including well-known global brands and new talents.

The autumn session of the Milano International Footwear Exhibition Micam will take place in Milan from September 20th to 23rd and will showcase the best collections and footwear models from leading manufacturers in Italy and foreign countries for the upcoming season.

MICAM 2020 exhibition is mainly aimed at footwear designers and manufacturers, boutiques and specialized stores, suppliers, media representatives, as well as fashion enthusiasts and young designers.

If you are interested in this event, we can help organize a comfortable car for your trips to Micam 2020 and around Milan in general.